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In today’s global economy, companies simply can’t afford to rely on yesterday’s technology if they expect to remain competitive. So, it’s out with the old and in the new, but you can’t just throw hundreds of monitors and PCs into your dumpster, because, in Wisconsin and Illinois, it’s against the law!

Convenient, Trusted and Affordable

Legacy Recycling understands the challenges and potential liabilities electronic recycling presents for your business. We offer competitive, flexible rates for all corporate recycling projects, as well as our Corporate PC Reimbursement Program. Plus, we will beat the advertised or quoted price of any local competitor!

You’re Protected

The safety and security of your company, your clients, and your assets is of the utmost concern to us. That’s why at Legacy we offer complete liability protection and downstream monitoring for all your equipment and sensitive materials. We accomplish this by using only DOD level software erase programs or physically shredding all hard drives and sensitive media.  We are also a WDNR registered collector of electronics for the state of WI.  Most importantly we will provide you with documentation certifying that your e-waste was recycled with R2/ISO certified processors.

What We Recycle

  • Desktop PCs/Network Servers /Laptops
  • CRT/LCD Monitors and Televisions
  • Peripherals (Printers, Scanners, Keyboards, etc)
  • Office Equipment (Copiers, FAX Machines, etc.)
  • Cables, Connectors and Adapters
  • Media (CDs, Floppy/Encased Diskettes, Storage Tape, etc.)
  • Phone systems, UPS’s, cell phones


Questions? New to E-Recycling? Need a Quote?

Feel free to contact us at (262) 930-4228 to discuss your company’s recycling project, or you can schedule a pick-up today!