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Promote Sustainable Choices: Responsibly Dispose of Computers in Brookfield City

Opt for Legacy Recycling for sustainable electronics recycling in Brookfield, preserving green spaces for future generations. In an era of rapid technological advancements, recycling current technology is imperative. We prioritize secure disposal to protect data and offer liability coverage. Choosing Legacy ensures eco-friendly and trustworthy electronics recycling, benefiting businesses, individuals, and the environment.

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Business Recycling Solutions

Legacy Recycling outshines rivals with efficient, friendly, budget-friendly corporate pickups, thus promoting green computing practices for businesses. We recognize the complexities of electronic recycling and potential legal liabilities. Our approach is simple: ensuring safety and environmental sustainability while offering competitive rates exceeding local competitors. Our experienced pickup service guarantees a hassle-free process for your company. Our services include lift gate service, flexible scheduling, office removal assistance, and a knowledgeable staff ready to assist you at every step. We excel at electronic recycling—guide us, and we’ll handle everything expertly.

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Legacy Recycling in Brookfield City is dedicated to affordable and ethical electronic disposal. Whether it’s one PC or 500 servers, we recycle today’s technology for a greener future. As a registered WDNR collector, we ensure proper disposal without landfill or overseas shipping. Our secure process includes authorized data destruction. With competitive rates surpassing local competitors, we prioritize environmental friendliness and cost-effectiveness.

How do you manage data security in Brookfield City?

In computer recycling throughout Brookfield City, Legacy Recycling emphasizes data security. We employ secure data erasure methods that meet Department of Defense standards and ensure the permanent removal of sensitive information. Additionally, we physically shred hard drives and provide a Certificate of Destruction, instilling trust in our secure recycling process for businesses.

How do you protect against liability in Brookfield?
In this city, we prioritize your company’s security and liability. We adhere to secure protocols and collaborate with certified refineries, ensuring responsible technology recycling. With WDNR registration, audits, e-waste documentation, and strict no-landfill policies, we offer $3M liability coverage to safeguard your materials. Rely on us for tailored, environmentally conscious, and secure electronic recycling solutions.
Brookfield City Asset Inventory Solutions

In Brookfield, Legacy Recycling recognizes the crucial role of efficient organization in the contemporary business landscape. We address this need by providing comprehensive IT asset inventory services and ensuring meticulous documentation for all recyclable equipment. This streamlined approach makes the recycling process seamless for businesses, catering to both small enterprises and Fortune 500 companies.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Responsible Electronic Recycling in Brookfield City
What steps has Legacy Recycling taken to safeguard sensitive data and information within its Brookfield facilities?
Upon pickup, we carefully track and secure data-containing materials, storing them in a restricted access center under 24-hour surveillance. Following Department of Defense standards, we ensure data erasure and offer physical shredding. You receive a Certificate of Destruction with $3 million liability protection for peace of mind.
How frequently does Legacy Recycling conduct security audits at its Brookfield facilities?
Legacy Recycling ensures security through regular audits, including assessments of vendors handling hazardous materials. The frequency of security audits at the Brookfield facilities is conducted every year.
Does Legacy Recycling adhere to specific security certifications or standards in Brookfield?
Yes, Legacy Recycling in Brookfield strictly adheres to Department of Defense standards for data erasure, utilizing DOD level 5220.22-M/NISPOM 8-306 software erase programs to ensure complete data security. Clients receive a Certificate of Destruction covering sensitive data and all recycled electronics.
How does Legacy Recycling ensure the cybersecurity of its digital infrastructure in Brookfield?
Legacy Recycling ensures the cybersecurity of its digital infrastructure in Brookfield through robust measures such as firewalls, encryption protocols, regular security audits, and continuous monitoring by dedicated IT professionals.
Can customers trust the confidentiality of their information when engaging with Legacy Recycling in Brookfield?
Customers can trust the confidentiality of their information when engaging with us in Brookfield. We maintain strict security measures and industry best practices to safeguard your data.
Are there specific employee identification and verification protocols at Legacy Recycling's Waukesha locations?
Yes, we follow strict employee identification and verification protocols to ensure a secure environment, encompassing access controls and verification procedures for enhanced security measures.
Does Legacy Recycling engage with the local community in Brookfield to promote awareness of its security practices and environmental responsibility?
We actively engage with the local community in Brookfield to promote awareness of its security practices and environmental responsibility through educational programs, community events, and partnerships with local organizations.
How does Legacy Recycling handle the disposal of confidential or sensitive materials in Brookfield, ensuring they are securely managed?
We comprehend sensitive data concerns and have implemented thorough measures in Brookfield City. We identify, monitor, and secure data-containing materials, adhere to Department of Defense standards, offer physical shredding, and provide a Certificate of Destruction. We maintain $3 million liability protection.

Client Testimonials


Legacy Recycling takes the work out of scraping electronics and other misc. metal. They are fast, friendly and most important they are affordable. Sometimes they even pay you for your scrap. Dealing with Legacy is always a pleasure.


John H

Master Lock

Legacy Recycling continue to provide great customer service! No complaints from our end. It is good to have folks we can rely on. We will be scheduling another pickup soon. It’s easy to do business with Legacy Recycling and their team.

Nicole R

Rokk Computech

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