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Computer Electronic Recycling in Milwaukee County

Milwaukee County, a busy urban center, faces a significant challenge with electronic waste (e-waste) due to technological advancements. We offer eco-friendly computer recycling services, ensuring proper disposal. Legacy Recycling also addresses data security concerns, guaranteeing safe handling. Moreover, our services aid businesses in staying organized through IT asset inventory and Liability Protection.Contact Legacy Recycling to handle your computer recycling needs, ensuring an eco-friendly and sustainable solution for your e-waste.

Corporate Service - Legacy Recycling

Corporate Recycling Services

At Legacy Recycling, we offer competitive rates in corporate recycling projects, aiming to beat local competitors’ prices. We prioritize cost-effectiveness and align with your budget, delivering superior value. Choose us for a premium pricing package.

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Computer Electronic Recycling Services in Milwaukee County

Are you searching for convenient and eco-friendly solutions for computer electronic recycling in Milwaukee County? Look no further!

Legacy Recycling is dedicated to offering a cost-effective solution for both community residents and corporations in responsibly disposing of their outdated electronics.Our comprehensive services guarantee that your discarded equipment avoids local landfills and prevents contamination in other countries. Legacy’s mission is to promote a greener future by recycling today’s technology, contributing to the preservation of our environment and creating sustainable spaces for tomorrow.

Managing Data Security in Milwaukee County

Milwaukee County prioritizes data security through strict protocols, encryption, and regular audits. At Legacy, we empathize with the concerns surrounding sensitive data and take extensive measures to safeguard your materials, tracking them from pickup. We strictly follow Department of Defense data erasure standards, offering physical shredding if preferred and providing a Certificate of Destruction.

How to Protect Against Liability in Milwaukee County?

In order to effectively manage liability in Milwaukee County, it is vital to implement proactive measures.We ensure your company’s security from arrival to end-of-life materials through safe protocols and environmentally responsible technology recycling.We collaborate with certified refineries, WDNR registration, audits, e-waste documentation, and no-landfill policies, supported by $3M liability protection.

Milwaukee County Asset Inventory Solutions

Our asset inventory solutions in Milwaukee County streamline resource management for optimal utilization, cost-efficiency, and data-driven decision-making.Our meticulous inventory process includes cataloging and electronically tracking items, providing asset tags if required, and delivering a comprehensive equipment list for your records.

Residential Electronics Recycling Services in Milwaukee County

Milwaukee County promotes eco-friendly disposal, encouraging residents to recycle electronics and hosting collection events in southeast Wisconsin. Legacy Recycling understands the frustration of recycling computers, TVs, and household electronics, and we’ve made it easy for you. Simply bring your electronics to our Sturtevant, WI warehouse, and our courteous staff will unload them, including large items like TVs, from your car. Protecting the environment from hazardous materials and ensuring data security, these services offer an accessible, sustainable solution for the community.

Milwaukee County

In the bustling urban hub of Milwaukee County, determining how to manage your obsolete and defective electronic devices can be a daunting task. Inadequate disposal may result in government-imposed fines, adding to the complexity. Legacy Recycling offers a cost-effective, all-in-one solution for electronics and computer recycling.

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Recycling your computers becomes a hassle-free task when you rely on a trustworthy service provider in Milwaukee City. You can put your concerns to rest, as entrusting a global leader ensures a sense of confidence that you’re making the environmentally responsible choice.

Waukesha County Electronic Recycling


Legacy Recycling serving in Wauwatosa City is committed to address this environmental issue of disposing and recycling of electronic devices in a safe manner. We’ll take care of the recycling process for you – it’s that simple!

Waving Off Your E-Waste Concerns!

Reach out for a free quote and bid farewell to recycling worries!
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Frequently Asked Questions About Responsible Electronic Recycling in Milwaukee County

What is electronic recycling, and why is it important in Milwaukee County?

Recycling electronics reclaims materials, curbs waste, and conserves the environment. Milwaukee sees microbreweries thrive due to craft beer’s popularity, all relying on electronics and responsible disposal of these e-waste is essential to protect the environment.

What types of electronics can I recycle with Legacy Recycling?

We can recycle desktop PCs , Network Servers, batteries , TVs, Laptops , CRT/LCD monitors, small appliances, consumer electronics, medical equipment , industrial scrap and more.

How do you ensure that electronic waste is properly processed and recycled to minimize environmental impact?

We take every step to ensure that your discarded equipment doesn’t end up in your local landfill or on a slow boat overseas to contaminate other countries.

What are the legal requirements and regulations for electronic recycling in Milwaukee County?

Electronic recycling regulations in Milwaukee County typically encompass bans on landfill disposal of specific electronics, organized collection programs, data security protocols, adherence to environmental standards, and certifications like R2.

What data security measures are in place to protect personal information on recycled devices?

We ensure data security, tracking and safeguarding materials in a restricted-access center, following Department of Defense standards, offering shredding, and providing a Certificate of Destruction with $3,000,000 liability protection.

What is the process for businesses or organizations looking to recycle a large quantity of electronics?

We offer competitive, flexible corporate pickup rates and price-matching with local competitors. Our experienced team handles all aspects, including secure transportation, with equipment and efficient scheduling for effortless electronics recycling.

Do you offer pickup services for electronic recycling in Milwaukee County?

Yes,we do provide pickup services.Our pickup services operate from Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., with most pickups completed within an hour. After receiving your request, we’ll contact you to confirm and complete pickup arrangements.

Are there any fees associated with electronic recycling at Legacy Recycling in Milwaukee County?

Electronic recycling services vary, particularly in pricing. Legacy Recycling in Milwaukee County provides exceptionally competitive and adaptable rates , with a price-matching pledge against local competitors.

Client Testimonials


Legacy Recycling takes the work out of scraping electronics and other misc. metal. They are fast, friendly and most important they are affordable. Sometimes they even pay you for your scrap. Dealing with Legacy is always a pleasure.


John H

Master Lock

Legacy Recycling continue to provide great customer service! No complaints from our end. It is good to have folks we can rely on. We will be scheduling another pickup soon. It’s easy to do business with Legacy Recycling and their team.

Nicole R

Rokk Computech

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