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Promoting Computer Electronic Recycling in Waukesha County

As electronic waste rapidly expands, its hazardous materials pose environmental and health risks. Avoiding landfills minimizes pollution. Partner with Legacy Recycling to support green computing and incorporate responsible computer recycling into your business initiatives in Waukesha County. Our secure disposal solutions prioritize data safety, benefiting businesses with organized IT asset inventories and liability protection. Select us for sustainable and closed electronics recycling for your organization.

Corporate Service - Legacy Recycling

Corporate Recycling Services

Legacy Recycling provides corporate sectors with a secure and cost-effective solution. By responsibly disposing of old electronics, we actively contribute to preserving green spaces for future generations by recycling advanced technology. Choose our swift, customer-friendly, and affordable corporate pickups, surpassing the prices offered by local competitors. With their expertise, our proficient team assists businesses in managing electronics recycling and caring for the rest.

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Check Out Local Electronics Recycling Services for Your Business in Waukesha County

Legacy Recycling is committed to providing affordable and responsible electronic disposal solutions for our community and corporations in Waukesha County. By recycling today’s technology, we contribute to a greener future. Whether you’re recycling a single PC or 500 network servers, we handle the job. As a WDNR registered collector, we ensure proper disposal and prevent landfill or overseas shipping. Our process is secure and efficient, with authorized personnel handling data destruction. Additionally, we offer competitive rates and beat local competitors’ prices, making it environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

How do you safeguard against liability in Waukesha County?

In Waukesha County, we proactively protect your company’s security and liability. Legacy Recycling ensures the safety of your materials by following secure protocols and responsibly recycling technology. We work with certified refineries, have WDNR registration, conduct audits, provide e-waste documentation, and have strict no-landfill policies with $3M liability coverage.

Waukesha County Asset Inventory Solutions

Efficient organization is the need of the hour in today’s business world. In Waukesha County, Legacy acknowledges the importance of asset tracking and provides comprehensive IT asset inventory services. Whether a small business or a Fortune 500 company, we ease the burden by offering every documentation for all recyclable equipment.

Waukesha County

In Waukesha County’s dynamic landscape, managing outdated electronics poses challenges. Incorrect disposal may result in fines, increasing many complexities. We offer a total and cost-effective solution for electronics and computer recycling, ensuring a seamless process for the community.

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Waukesha City promotes computer recycling for a sustainable future. Dispose of electronic waste responsibly, safeguarding the environment and contributing to a cleaner community. Recycle, don’t discard!

Waukesha County Electronic Recycling

New Berlin

Legacy Recycling in New Berlin City aims to safeguard the environment by responsibly disposing of electronic waste with its services, promoting sustainability for a greener future.

Waukesha County Electronic Recycling


We are dedicated to e-waste disposal in Brookfield City. Trust us to dispose of and recycle devices responsibly, simplifying the recycling process for a cleaner environment.

Waving Off Your E-Waste Concerns!

Reach out for a free quote and bid farewell to recycling worries!
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Frequently Asked Questions About Responsible Electronic Recycling in Waukesha County

Are there any special programs or incentives for residents and businesses in Waukesha County regarding electronic recycling?

Legacy Recycling collaborates with officials at all levels in Waukesha County to create customized solutions for electronics recycling, from drop-off areas to large-scale events.

How does electronic recycling benefit the environment and local communities in Waukesha County?

Electronic recycling in Waukesha County benefits the environment by reducing e-waste and supporting local communities through sustainable practices.

What are the fees, if any, associated with electronic recycling services in Waukesha County?
Legacy Recycling in Waukesha County provides adaptable rates. There are only fees for TVs ($25.00) and CRT monitors ($10.00). For further details, contact Legacy at [email protected]
Does Legacy Recycling offer residential and commercial pickup services for electronic waste in Waukesha County?

We provide electronic waste pickup for Waukesha County residents and businesses. You can schedule through a form or call. We are open from Monday till Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

What data security measures are in place to protect personal information on recycled devices?

We ensure data security, tracking and safeguarding materials in a restricted-access center, following Department of Defense standards, offering shredding, and providing a Certificate of Destruction with $3,000,000 liability protection.

Can residents and businesses in Waukesha County trust that their sensitive information will be protected during the recycling process?

We cautiously monitor and handle sensitive materials, using DOD standards for data erasure, offering physical shredding, and providing a Certificate of Destruction.

Does Legacy Recycling offer on-site data destruction services for residents and businesses in Waukesha County?

We strictly adhere to Department of Defense data erasure standards, ensuring no data recovery is possible. After the process, clients receive a Certificate of Destruction (COD).

What are the environmental and sustainability advantages of corporate IT recycling with Legacy Recycling?

Legacy Recycling promotes a greener future by recycling technology and providing liability protection. Our policies include partnering with certified refineries, audits, and documentation certifying recycling. We strictly adhere to a no-landfill policy and maintain $3,000,000 liability protection.

Client Testimonials


Legacy Recycling takes the work out of scraping electronics and other misc. metal. They are fast, friendly and most important they are affordable. Sometimes they even pay you for your scrap. Dealing with Legacy is always a pleasure.


John H

Master Lock

Legacy Recycling continue to provide great customer service! No complaints from our end. It is good to have folks we can rely on. We will be scheduling another pickup soon. It’s easy to do business with Legacy Recycling and their team.

Nicole R

Rokk Computech

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