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We are Your Partner in E-waste Recycling for Secure and Sustainable Electronics Recycling in Wisconsin.

E-Recycling contributes to preserving green spaces for tomorrow. In a “disposable” world, electronics recycling is crucial as everything, from cell phones to computer monitors, becomes obsolete quickly. Legacy Recycling prioritizes secure disposal, ensuring data safety, and providing liability protection for businesses in the state of Wisconsin. Choose Legacy E Recycling for sustainable electronics recycling; we support your business needs and the environment.

Corporate Service - Legacy Recycling

Wisconsin Corporate Recycling Solutions

Legacy Recycling offers secure, cost-effective electronic disposal for corporations, promoting green spaces for the future in Wisconsin and throughout the nation. We simplify the process with competitive rates, data security, environmental compliance, and a no-landfill policy. Our experienced team provides accessible pickup services, including equipment and office removal. We prioritize safety by protecting your assets and adhering to data erasure standards. We ensure environmental sustainability in Wisconsin through audits, working with certified refineries, and providing documentation—Trust Legacy for e-waste liability protection and responsible e-waste recycling.

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Corporate Electronics Recycling in Wisconsin

We are dedicated to offering affordable and responsible electronic disposal solutions for individuals and corporations in Wisconsin. Our commitment to a greener future involves recycling e-waste responsibly. We manage electronic recycling efficiently, whether it’s a single PC or 500 network servers. As a WDNR registered collector, we guarantee proper disposal, preventing landfill or overseas shipping. Our secure process includes authorized personnel for data destruction. Moreover, we provide competitive rates, surpassing local competitors’ prices, ensuring environmental friendliness and cost-effectiveness. We are Wisonsin’s top-rated electronic Recycling Service provider.

How to Manage Data Security in Wisconsin ?

Legacy Recycling places utmost importance on data security when recycling computers in Wisconsin. We employ secure data erasure methods meeting Department of Defense standards, ensuring the permanent removal of sensitive information. Additionally, we physically shred hard drives and provide a Certificate of Destruction, instilling businesses’ trust in our secure recycling process.

How to Safeguard Against E-Waste Liability in Wisconsin?

In Wisconsin state, we prioritize your company’s security and liability. We follow secure protocols, work with certified refineries, and responsibly recycle technology. With WDNR registration, audits, e-waste documentation, and strict no-landfill policies, we offer $3M liability coverage to safeguard your materials. Trust us for environmentally conscious and secure electronic recycling solutions tailored to your needs.

Wisconsin State Asset Inventory Solutions

In Wisconsin state, we recognize the significance of efficient organization in today’s business landscape. We address this need by providing comprehensive IT asset inventory services and meticulous documentation for all recyclable equipment, making the process seamless for small or Fortune 500 businesses.

Electronics Recycling Services in Wisconsin State

In our disposable world, electronics recycling is crucial. Legacy Recycling efficiently handles electronic recycling in Wisconsin, from cell phones to network servers. As a WDNR registered collector, we ensure responsible disposal, preventing local landfill use or overseas shipping.

Milwaukee County Electronic Recycling<br />

Milwaukee County Electronic Recycling

Milwaukee County residents can responsibly recycle computers through designated programs. Safeguard your environment by disposing of electronic waste properly, contributing to a sustainable and eco-friendly community.

Waukesha County Electronic Recycling

Waukesha County Electronic Recycling

Waukesha County promotes computer recycling for residents. Dispose of old electronics responsibly to contribute to a clean environment and sustainable waste management practices in the community.

Waving Off Your E-Waste Concerns!

Reach out for a free quote and bid farewell to recycling worries!
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Frequently Asked Questions About Responsible Electronic Recycling in Wisconsin

What types of electronic devices can I recycle at Legacy Recycling in Wisconsin?

Our commitment at Legacy is driven by research revealing that extracting raw materials consumes more energy than recycling. We accept various electronics, from desktop PCs to medical equipment, contributing to a sustainable future.

Can you explain the environmental benefits of recycling electronic waste in Wisconsin?

Recycling electronic waste in Wisconsin reduces energy consumption and reduces the requirement for raw materials extraction, fostering a greener environment and sustainable resource conservation.

How does Legacy Recycling ensure the secure disposal of sensitive data from electronic devices?

We carefully handle sensitive materials following strict DOD standards, ensuring data is appropriately erased. We also shred physical documents and give you a Certificate of Destruction for added security.

Can I schedule a pickup for bulk electronic waste recycling in Wisconsin?

To arrange a pickup, kindly fill out the form on our website. Our pickup service is available Monday – Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., typically lasting an hour or less. Upon receiving your request, we’ll call you to confirm and finalize the pickup details.

What steps are taken to protect sensitive information during the data erasure process in Wisconsin?

We carefully manage sensitive materials, employing DOD standards for data erasure, utilizing physical shredding, and supplying a Certificate of Destruction for added security.

Can I receive a certificate of data destruction for peace of mind when recycling with Legacy Recycling?

Certainly! Legacy Recycling provides a Certificate of Data Destruction to offer you peace of mind when recycling with us. Your security is our priority.

Are there specific provisions for businesses or organizations to mitigate liability when recycling electronics with Legacy Recycling?

Legacy Recycling ensures businesses have liability protection during electronic recycling with secure disposal, following stringent protocols for a responsible, risk-free process.

How can our organization start with corporate IT recycling services from Legacy Recycling?

Contact us through our channels to initiate corporate IT recycling services with Legacy Recycling. Our team will explain you through the process, discuss your specific needs, and provide the necessary information to get started efficiently.

Client Testimonials


Legacy Recycling takes the work out of scraping electronics and other misc. metal. They are fast, friendly and most important they are affordable. Sometimes they even pay you for your scrap. Dealing with Legacy is always a pleasure.


John H

Master Lock

Legacy Recycling continue to provide great customer service! No complaints from our end. It is good to have folks we can rely on. We will be scheduling another pickup soon. It’s easy to do business with Legacy Recycling and their team.

Nicole R

Rokk Computech

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