Municipal Events

Since the landfill bans were enacted in 2010 it has become increasingly difficult to get rid of your old electronics.  Many citizens look to their local municipalities for answers to this problem.  Unfortunately there is typically not enough budget or space to deal with one more type of recyclable.  That’s where we come in.  As a registered collector of electronics with the WDNR Legacy Recycling specializes in responsibly handling and recycling any and all electronics. Legacy Recycling is proud to work with local, state, and federal officials.  Whether it’s a small electronics drop off area at your local recycling center, full scale collection events, or something in between, we will work with you to establish a no cost electronics recycling program that will benefit your area.  

We are quickly becoming the company to call to handle your electronics recycling events.  We come prepared with all the logistics needed to make your event run efficiently and smoothly.  Whether it’s a single box truck or multiple semi loads of recyclables we can handle any amount of items your community can drop off.  We also offer complimentary DOD hard drive erasing on all computers, laptops, and servers dropped off during the events.  It’s just our way of saying thank you for allowing us to work with your community.

Simply contact us and we would be happy to outline a plan that will work for your village, town, or city.

What We Recycle

  • Desktop PCs/Network Servers /Laptops
  • CRT/LCD Monitors and Televisions
  • Peripherals (Printers, Scanners, Keyboards, etc)
  • Office Equipment (Copiers, FAX Machines, Phones, etc.)
  • Cables, Connectors and Adapters
  • Media (CDs, Floppy/Encased Diskettes, Storage Tape, etc.)
  • Batteries (cell phone, laptop, power tool, lead acid, etc.)
  • All consumer electronics (VCR’s, stereos, DVD players, etc.)
  • Small appliances (microwaves, blenders, toasters,etc.)


Here’s a list of upcoming events

Thank you to all the communities and groups that hosted a recycling event with us during the 2013 season.  See you again in 2014


For details on the events please contact us